Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fake Profiles!! This Big An Issue?

From past few days there is a big chaos pertaining to my profile, since October this profile is quite famous just because of the profile picture of it. Now let me come one by one there are so many profiles on facebook use Kevin Mitnick as their Profile Picture, there are so many guys using Salman Kahn as their DP.
If u remember even the famous Injector use Hollywood pics as their profile picture. I want to question Amarjit here He used to seduce Men with the profile of Tanya Simon, He used to use Gabrar Jerry when ever and how ever he wanted to comment. How it is that Anjum Sehgal's profile if you remember even was shared with me to abuse others, Then he used profile as Cheetah Hacker. Now coming to Mohit Kumar, God knows how many profile he uses. Some of the examples sighted are Unix Root, Lion King etc. Until Amarjit exposed him he was safely disguising as a Girl of a foreign country, Finally, The exposure made him confess and reveal his identity...!
prince Arab who keeps on abusing Cat all the time now claiming that he is behind the attack on Cat's Blog, a guy from Bangalore who is just a web developer names himself as Prince Arab and no where relates to Prince or Arab country.
Then comes Rahul, for Three Long months he has been claiming that he has been in Love with me and is now claiming that he is heart broken because of me. Isn't 3 months a fair time enough to understand whether a profile is a fake one or not. If the girl is not calling him, not attending his calls, and not even pretending to be in touch with him how can anyone carry on like this for such a long period of time. And when I finally Disowned him, why has he created another fake profile and came in my way...? Meanwhile I gave that profile of mine to Amarjit singh for him to use.
Then comes Eagle Hacker who bargained with Dog Techie saying that we both will f**k the CAT hard and I shall give her to you in return I would like to I would like to learn about Hacking. (The Screen Shots are available for a counter Proof of things written in here). If I am not mistaken Mr. Amarjit you had goosebumps when you saw that.
If all these fake profile are worth neglecting then why there is so much chaos on this particular profile.
Whether it's true of false that is up to you to decide.
On Silver Screen most of the Actors prefer Second name, when i openly gave the link of a film song why was it that everyone liked it and was happy about me being Jyestha and not Shradha?
Anyways guys if you being hackers have every right to hide your profile and protect your privacy I being a girl has every right to do so. I never invited you guys to my profile, if you all remember you are the one who added me on your friend list.
Let me come to the main point while writing a Book and dong investigation there were lots of Flips-Flops and You Me and Cat; Amarjit changed our souls with perfect understanding to reach this object. As three of us have different level of proficiency in our fields. That time our only focus was to reach the subject, so now the question is that if we played with the emotions of Hackers you were an equal partner in Crime.
In journalism especially with these kind of subject, ppl need high level confidentiality and secrecy and blend of Social Engineering. If you ask me as one of the researcher I did no crime.
Now all you ppl all of a sudden started mud filling over Cat and digging the Old Grave form where she has come all the way to the path of Success. That time the one how wrote the Blog was equally insecure as you are now. Every time, what is the need for one to stand in Confession box and for what?
The last thing I would like to ask everyone here has she done a crime to you ppl by giving a magazine as a platform, investing her money, time and faith for you, and what has she earned in return to this?
You must have probably forgotten that day Amarjit when Cyber Terror was launched. Be thankful to the dais as co-writer with Cat. wasn't it a beautiful moment?
Every month you receive an Edition of Hacker5 and don't you feel proud to be the co-editor? The beautiful platform that we exchange with each other wasn't it beautiful? Then why all of a sudden this cruel stand? What is Cat's fault? Just because she became famous? Just because she is didn't expect anything from you? or it's just because you are unable to trace me?
In NBC office who ever works or are present that time probably share the same IP and this does not mean the entire NBC group is using facebook profile f Cat. There are 32 computers in whole of the Kandivali Office and every PC is named the same. But this does not mean that others are not having access to their profile.
Last but not the least why, where and how things reached to this pathetic state i don't know. But in entire game the sole sufferer is Cat. If you think by pinching her or attacking her integrity your ego can be satisfied and you all can stand united as you guys are now, I think even the Death of Cat as you always desired for is worth.

We shall be offline for a few days but don't misunderstand this as our weakness.