Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mystery to be solved on 30th January,

Now the project has come to an end and it would be very mean on my part if I don’t apologize or pay gratitude to some face book friends. A few days ago you all were informed that cat is fraud and my profile is her fake profile. Whatever no issue… hidden faces of this virtual world has equally carries blank brains. No one is to be blamed, for you this is virtual world for us it’s not because we know who is behind each face. Let me come back to that incidence, where sachin chauhan circulated a link of a blogger to all community members to convey and convince how bad cat is, here I want to give a link which says this man is a terrorist. I don’t say that this link says……………Do you agree?
 About AMARJIT THE CYBER TERRORIST12 Dec 2010 ... Thread: About AMARJIT THE CYBER TERRORIST ... got busted out and thanks Lucky bro for showing everyone a real face of ASSHOLE AMARJIT SINGH. ...

I am sure if the links on Google have to prove your credentials and character then the above mentioned link is hundred percent true. All these days there was big chaos, each one of you randomly outraised the modesty of cat in spite of knowing that she exists in actual. Let me come to the above link, I appreciate the writer who dared to speak truth, each sentence written in this forum is hundred percent true and correct. I apologize to this young boy for my harsh behavior, I deeply feel sorry for hurting his and his peers ego and sentiments , especially the guys of Indishell, they never gave bad display. I hardly see these guys commenting on walls and quoting senseless things. They mean by what they say “anything for India” yes guys you deserve that due respect. Whatever I did was part of investigations because there were so many hackers going haywire with their liberty of expressions. More over vaidehi is a big emotional fool and I was scared that out of emotions she might omit some crucial inputs, so where ever his displayed her emotions I use to be the spoiler of the show. I wish you could have shown little patience before landing in some conclusion.
My so called loverboy’s friend Amarnath barged at my PM and had this fallowing conversation with me, yes mr.amarnat the truth is going to be prevailed on 30th In the presence of media and dignitaries, what is your take on this?
From past two days Prince Arb, hope this time I have not miss spelled, hit the walls with one cutout from my blog and a few hackers randomly went abusing Cat, which ever girl comes forward to say thing you all assume that she is cat, how stupid……………………….sad you people don’t even possess average intellect. Vaidehi has 15 girls working under her, it’s her team and they are here to disagree what you do against their boss. You all are suffering with catophobia………I am sorry to say be normal else every girl in your life may look like cat to you, and that would be miserable for you.
Cat techie and catastrophe, wouldn’t have come public the reason she very well dumped the project looking at the privacy of hackers, but the way you tour her soul and hurt her sentiments is not worth forgetting. The guys who are making laud noise against cat are not even hackers; they are noobs with the greed to be a hacker. Sachin chauhan, who was displaying smartness these days not even worth calling a computer guy,
Rahul tyagi who thinks I have done a crime to him, sachin chauhan who over acts on issues which are not related to him, prince ARB anyone knows this character tries to remain in attention in the name of Cat. OH! Before I forget something, the sanity of word brother is randomly abused here. So called brothers, of cat a big round of applause for you guys for changing the definition of this relation. This is not for India guys; this is not our culture though. Any ways friends I thank all those people specially Chota Hacker, my Hacker5 new team and a few hackers whom I don’t even know but still the way they stood by me and cat by rendering silent support is worth appreciating.  
We were here to change the phrase “internet criminals”, as an umbrella term covering the people we try to protect the ordinary user from today.  It also opened the door for a part of the underground community of hackers, virus writers etc. to take their activities to the next level and make money off their illegal hobbies. This book of Cat may make someone reach your door steps and I am sure your status would be just like my Facebook Prolife. True to what you are but helpless with the charges made against you. I want all of you to live this life of my profile at-least for a day.
So kindly grace the event with your  presence.