Monday, December 27, 2010

Sachin Chauhan The Great

Sachin Chauhan The Great was bargaining with Ankur Tiwari to give the proof for Cat's medical record, Secondly, Saloni and my Existence Proof. To stop targeting Cat here i want to make a bold statement anyone including you and your team come to Mumbai. Ankur Tiwari and me myself will give you all the proves.
But in turn I too have only one condition when we are through with providing proves you will be standing with us in a Press Conference where every member of NBC shalll slap you openly. You shall be under the Authority of NBC till their Goodwill. And when I say that I shall give you the proves I mean it.

Pls stop boosting about your fake BSF Sources, your CBI links and your so called Bullshit. The biggest fraud on this facebook profile is you and only you, so my first humble invitation for all this to you in particular is on priority...!