Saturday, December 25, 2010

Who are the people behind cats bruses?

The dark night of 24th December and bad 25th morning, crunched my ribs and made me mad to see tears in Ctas eyes. At last i can say Cat paid for her love with other side of dark world. Honesty never pays this is for sure atleast in this Hackers world, virus writers and internet criminals – we use these terms loosely when talking about the threats we meet online, but what is the distinction between them and do they all have malicious intentions? My answer is big Yes!
All these days my identity is mistaken, no doubt I am abusive and short tempered. Hey hackers I am bad girl come and play with me if you have guts. I love to live large without caring for unemmotions assholes around. When I saw cats profile picture I was shit scared and hurt. Not only that but when her blog was hacked I was disappointed with all the morons around. Lucky the lead of ICA please come forward because you are the one who played with Cat. Thankless, just a vulture. Jyestha arya, Shivganga apartment,302-phase A, 23rd floor, Mumbai. You all having dout on my existance come home and have cup of tea. Else give me your address I will come to meet you. I am not scared of virus writers and internet criminals, Hackers and Crackers.  18th Jan 1991 born boy if calls himself of 17yrs kid then I have nothing to say about this person.  I have been always abusive because I was expectating this day to come. Overnight popularity of Cat is biggest valcano in hackers world. There are many envey of her existance. But at the end you all forgot one thing that our existance is not virtual….
I salute and pay my gratitude to pakistan hackers, atlest they know how to be thankfull and kind to others. The so called indian coward assholes, are nothing but the blackmailers. When the ordinary computer user hears the word “Hacker”, most think of a dodgy internet criminal who without authorization hacks in to government intelligence files or steal peoples identities and credit card information. For the more tech savvy, however, the term is not just limited to people who use their ability for crime. Here “hacker” is used more generally about computer experts who are able to create and alter computer code and enter computer systems undetected.  That is what actually these hacker did with Cat they traced her IP which is a easy stunt, made back door entry and compromised her PC. What next? If you think you can bend her with you rrotton approach?  If one think of malaignign her image on internet, how will he ecape in real world? If you have ways to bruse her I have ways to dmagae you. WE are reporters, and I am danm sure atlease my feternity will deffinately stand by her to protect her stand, specially when she is not wrong.
One hacker, just one single hacker please come forward and tell me who is hurt or misused by Cat?  A girl working over night for restoring hackers and providing them platform, on her own cost, none of her project is sponceored by any of the hacler, no single paisa of any hacker is poured in NBC’s any of project. Hacker5 and unite hackers is solely sponcored by NBC. In the capacity as one of the director of Cattechie  Cyber security consultency  , I am proud to say we have provided platform to some hackers who trusted us without getting in to anysort of politics.
I have big take on these hackers………what I say I do it..
Please don’t underestimate anyone and one more thing  I am  not cat, you might have been comfused all these day with my existance and identity ? not your fault, hidden faces,dark minds,vishiating brains,and  venomous creatures  have no right to doubt it..still if you want to meet me please come to see me..i will be more than happy to receive you here..            


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